A.J. Mitchell Modesto, CA Spina Bifida - T-12 L-1
What up My name is A.J. Mitchell I have been in a wheelchair all my life. I didn't let that stop me though I have always ben an adrenaline junkie, My motto is IT DON'T HURT TILL THE BONE SHOW'S. I have been playing sport's since I was about 4 year's old, I started with baseball on a regular little league team, then I raced wheelchairs for about 10 year's. I play basketball just for fun. I have done stunt riding with my friend jason on his 1200 harley sportster. My favorite sport of all time is riding my Honda Pilot I go when ever I can, another great sport that I do is chairing I did it one day and I will keep doing it till I can't anymore. My other passion is to ride street bike's. If it has a motor or I can get a good adrenaline rush from it then I am the first one to do it. I am right now looking into getting a fourcross bike cause I saw one and I just have to have one. If have anymore questions please fill free to contact me on my Myspace page.
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