Danny Pollock Location- Greencastle Indiana SCI- T5 - T6 Paraplegic

Hi, my name is Danny Pollock and on 4/22/01 I was injured on a 4-wheeler. I broke my back and damaged my spinal cord at t-5,t-6 and now I am paralyzed from the chest down. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a pro racer. I grew up in racing, watching my Dad and Grandfather race on the dirt tracks. I raced open wheel modifides in 98,99 and also go-kart racing before my injury. After my accident (age 23) I felt like my life was over, racing and hunting were the main activities I loved and was afraid that I would never get to do them again. I tried and others tried to find a way to go racing and make custom hand controls, to make a really long story short I had help getting a sprint car and hand controls built in it. I got to go back racing again mid season of 2003 and have felt like I am alive again ever since.

I have also found my way back into hunting, and have 3 nice Whitetail Bucks hanging on the wall to prove it. My story has been in many newspapers and I've been on the news here in Indiana, here is a link to the Interview http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp...&nav=menu188_4
My sport of sprint car racing is a very dangerous sport and many people ask why I do want to do this after all I have been through and all I can say is Im doing what I love. After seeing what guys are doing on Super Charing Im not sure if what im doing is considerd Extreme sports. Hats off to the guys jumping wheel chairs, jumping dirt hills is what put me in my position. You can see more about me on my website at ...