Christian "Otter" Bailey Santa Cruz , CA SCI - L3/L4

Well....My name is Christian "Otter" Bailey, and I grew up in Santa Cruz California and Paris France... Over the course of my life, I was blessed to have spent a number of years traveling the world surfing, skating and exploring. I finally returned to Santa Cruz in 2004 and have been perfectly content to chill here ever since. This area has a abundance of natural beauty, that I personally feel you would be pressed to match anywhere else.

My life would end up throwing me a bit of a curve ball in July of 2006, while my team and I were filming a video at Derby skatepark here in Santa Cruz. I slipped out, stacked hard and fractured my

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L3&L4 vertebrae. Unfortunately, this left me paralyzed from the waist down...However, i've always been of mindset that life is what you make of it, and is far too short to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Luckly enough for me, i've been blessed with the best family and friends one could ask for and they have always been there for me!
Nowaday's, I spend the majority of my time traveling on tour, searching for surf as well as designing surfboards with my buddy Eric Roush. Boards specifically geared toward the needs of spinal cord injured surfers. It's a area of surfing that I feel has'nt yet been explored and developed anywhere near it's full potential, and since my injury, it has quickly turned into one of my strongest passions...
I'm also a ambassador for the Life Rolls On foundation, which raises public awareness and funding for spinal cord injury research... My major goal through these efforts, is to help empower others with disabilities to pursue their dreams despite the challenges life has thrown their way!...

...It's important in life not to take anything for granted, because every day we share on this earth is a gift and you never know when your going to go... It's my belief when all is said and done; The lord throws challenges our way in life, it's how we choose to face those challenges that defines us as who we are!!!